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Golden Ridge Hatchery

A 35-acre farm with a 120-foot long chicken house on Ridge Road east of York Springs was purchased in 1944 by a young couple, Doralyn and Kent Golden who were interested in raising poultry. Kent Golden became friends with a salesman, Robert Keith, who sold him Purina chicken feed for the chickens and soon the two men became business partners. They decided to start a new business of hatching the eggs from the poultry farm with Keith purchasing the incubators and Golden constructing a building. By 1948, the Golden Ridge Hatchery was in business. The Hatchery became a family affair as the young Golden children, Lynn, Yolanda, and Emory helped gather the eggs and feed the chickens in the early years of the business.

Golden Ridge was flourishing in the 1950’s until the state of Pennsylvania decided to re-route US 15 around York Springs and straight through the Golden farm. The continuous blasting for several years caused the chickens to quit laying eggs. The water supply was diverted, so there was no water for the flocks. At about the same time the larger feed-company-owned poultry farms were forcing the privately-owned farms out of business. The combination proved too much, so in the early 1960’s, the Hatchery closed with the incubators sold and removed.

(Taken from the history of the Golden Ridge Hatchery written by Yolanda Golden Howe in collaboration with Lynn, Emory, and Doralyn Golden)

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