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The “Follies” of the Night

“The ‘Follies’ of the Night,” one of many events held at Snelbaker’s Hall in York Springs, took place on November 17 & 18, 1933, with proceeds benefiting the York Springs Schools.

Snellbaker’s Hall was located on the second floor of the shirt factory on Cranberry Road. Some of the entertainment included “A Womanless Wedding,” a “Dance of the Giddy Girls,” and saxophone and piano solos. Many of the townfolk turned out to participate, as well as to be entertained—Romanye Pittenturf, Prof. Starry, Norman Criswell, the Guise sisters (Virginia & Helen), Edna Bosserman, Melvin Worley, and Wreatha Kemper to name a few. Tickets for adults were 35 cents and 15 cents for children. They were sold at Smith’s Store. Door prizes for the evening included several cakes, $1.00 worth of groceries, a couple of fat hens, and a live pig.

The hall, complete with a stage, was above the Snelbaker’s Manufacturing Company and was the site of band concerts, school plays, debates, and medicine shows. The building was always thought to be unsafe by many of the locals. Helen Fair, who was 15 when she began working at the factory, remembered “everyone was always predicting that it would collapse, especially when they filled the hall upstairs with people in folding chairs and the overflow crowd lined up along the sides and in the back, but it didn’t [collapse].”

Snelbaker’s Manufacturing Company (shirt factory) building, along Cranberry Road in York Springs, PA, circa late 1980’s. The building would eventually be torn down around 1990.

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